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Hi there, we are the "Schrock's". We're a couple in our 40's learning all about full time RV life on the road in the USA. Hope you find our website fun and interesting.

~Beth and Justin

Our Interests

  • Photography
  • Traveling with pets
  • Videography & Editing
  • Blogging about RV Life
  • DIY RV Repairs & RV Tech Gadgets
  • Our Youtube videos
  • Adobe Creative Suite & Final Cut Pro
  • Web Design, editing, & maintenance
  • Social Media Assistant
  • Art, poetry, writing


Justin's RV DIY

Justin is super handy and works as an installer. His blog (coming soon!) will be all about RV Hacks and other projects related to full time RV living. He's an installer & lately he's had a lot of experience with renovations to our 40' 18 year old motorhome.

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Class A Motorhome Face Lift. Our progress so far on remodeling our RV for full time travel and living. RV life is something we've been looking forward to for a long time. Doing an RV remodel or better an RV facelift since we aren't altering the basic layout too much.

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Since 1993

Beautiful sky with country road

Trying out full time RV Living in the US

We decided to live with less & experience more new places. Downsizing from a house to a very small space is a challenge, but so far we don't really miss anything that we got rid of.

Since we are very new to this way of life, it hasn't been easy so far. We took off about two months ago (July 2019). So far the maintenance has been the biggest challenge. That and learning how to navigate with our GPS. It's pretty scary trying to avoid low bridges and driving on tiny mountain roads.

We are traveling with our 4 small dogs & 1 cat. We have a tag axle which makes the ride a lot easier on all of us, but it's still a challenge keeping them in line while we are driving. If they are in their crate, they whine a lot. So we have been training them to stay put while we are driving. When we are boondocking or at a campground, it's all about scheduling as far as making sure that they don't have an accident inside.

We are going to be blogging about what we are learning along the way, as well as taking lots of photos and videos. Hope you find our site interesting and fun in some way.


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