A day in Ozark Arkansas

Hi there!

We stayed in Ozark Arkansas for three weeks. We have been moving so fast, I think we've been to 5 states already in the span of 3 months. We just felt like staying put so we could get organized. It also gave us a chance to mail out some packages and do a few minor repairs. Having great wifi at the campground didn't hurt either, lol.

While we were there we went to some great BBQ restaurants and drove around the beautiful countryside. The sunsets here were amazing! We stayed at Dans river view rv park. It is a fairly new campground, but was a great place for our dogs & the site was very level. The power and water were consistent.

Justin got me my first drone while we there too! yay! It is an inexpensive model, which is great because I knew I was going to probably have some bumpy landings if not crash it entirely. It's made by Holy Stone. Holy Stone HS110G GPS FPV Drone with 1080P HD Live Video Camera for Adults . I am getting used to the controls, Justin is a gamer & the control is a lot like a playstation controller. He was way better at it right from the start. Even though I am not a gamer, it is a fairly easy to control & i've never had a remote control car or airplane.

I also took some photos of the dogs. (click here for the gallery) I am learning about photography and video editing. There is so much to learn! Aaahh! Sometimes I wish I could fast forward to the part where I just know everything & can put together footage quickly. I found this website called Epidemicsound.com for video music, it's so awesome & I highly recommend it. I was really frustrated when it came to finding the right music. Their site lets you browse in a very specific way to find music for your project.

I am also learning how to take more stable video footage as well as shutter speed on my DSLR for action shots. I got the Karma grip by go pro for my GoPro Hero 7. I shot some video in 4k and at first had trouble editing it in FCPX. I learned to import it with proxy enabled. This gives the Final Cut Pro an easier version of the video to edit. Youtube tutorials have really become my friend. 🙂 I know Adobe Premier is the best, or so I've heard. I'm just more familiar with Final Cut & haven't started learning Premier yet.

Anyways, we are heading off now & not sure exactly where we will end up (AWESOME!). We are just heading west & since we lived in the hot Florida heat for so long, decided not to spend the winter there. Gonna try out the west coast this year for winter. We are taking HWY 40 which does climb to 7000 feet, but it's a route that truckers take & we asked about how safe it would be on the irv2 forum.

We programmed our Garmin & set it for stops about every 120 miles. We've found that if we push it farther than that we get too burnt out. This isn't about rushing, although I am pushing myself to learn so many new things. RV life after 3 months is a lot less anxiety driven for me. At first everything felt a little overwhelming, both good and bad. Now, the anxious moments are less & less. I think the biggest concern I have now is hoping we don't break down in some remote spot.

Hope you enjoy watching our video above. I didn't have a whole lot of footage to create it, so I just ran with what I had from our stay. It basically shows how we are living in our RV and it's a little view inside of our home on wheels.

Take care & hope you have a great day!



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