Meet the Family

Just a bunch of dorks.


Justin n Beth

Mom & Dad 

Happily married, silly, driven, creative, adventurous, neurotic, anti-social, weird, nerds who like practical gadgets, gamers (only Justin), movie enthusiasts, & basically kind humans.


Princess Queen Maddie


13 year old female Havanese. She runs the doggy crew.  She’s sorta reserved, but occasionally likes to roll around in a towel on the floor. She’s smart, funny, & very loyal & enjoys frozen carrots.


Dougie aka Napolean

Seeking Maddie’s Position

Dougie is our 3 year old French Bulldog. He’s cute but stupid. His good looks get him a long way, but sometimes he overreacts & at times this ruins the fun. He is constantly trying to become the alpha of the group & has no clue how big he is.


Baby 🙂

Runs the Cuddles Dept.

Baby is our 6 year old female fawn pug. She is sweet n sassy and at times very bossy. She doesn’t put up with any shit, lol…but at the same time is the sweetest ever. She’s a lean mean cuddle machine.


Pj aka Eeyore

Morale Dept.

PJ is our 6 year old black male pug. He’s such a gentle little guy. He is very emotional, but perks right up when it’s time to play. He loves balancing on things and doesn’t mind making a fool of himself in the pursuit of strange acrobatics. He’s timid yet full of courage and his smile warms the hearts of everyone he meets.


Spike Princess Kittykins

World Famous Traveling Kitty

Spike is our 13 yr old black female cat. Surprisingly she likes to travel and is often spotted in the window or on the dashboard. In her spare time she likes to stare off into space and drink water from the faucet. She’s looks tough but she’s secretly very nice.

Hi there!

We are the Schrock’s a family of 7. We are a couple in our 40’s and we have 5 pets. 2 pugs, 1 frenchie (french bulldog), 1 Havanese, and 1 Cat. Our kids are now grown up and starting their lives. We both love to travel, but couldn’t figure out how to make it work with boarding all of our pets & the cost of flying etc. First off, we don’t want to leave them behind in a cage etc. They get very depressed & it’s very expensive. Second, flying and lodging costs were not cost effective for our budget. We sorta just resolved that we weren’t going to travel at all. 🙁

Then, as most full time RV’ers experience we found a blog about a couple who wanted to live in an older RV and pay off their student loans. This inspired us, but we aren’t in our 20’s so we wondered if we could do it. Not sure why this was a factor, but for some reason it felt like a big deal at the time. We didn’t want this to be a sort of midlife crisis sort of decision. Plus, we weren’t sure how to make it work with all of our animals.

After reading the blog, we started looking up full time RV couples on Youtube. We were happy to find so many couples our age and older taking the dive into this different way of living. Still, we’ve always lived in a house & loved the comfort and making it cozy. Soon, we were looking on RV trader and Pop RV’s at our different options. We also went to a few RV shows to take some tours. We decided on a 40 ft. Class A diesel with a tag axle for extra comfort for our animals while we are on the road. It makes a huge difference in ride! When big trucks go by, we don’t blow all over the road.

We decided that we were going to choose an RV that we could renovate a bit and make it cozy for our family. It was strange letting go of furniture and wall art & nick nacks that we have moved multiple times to our different homes. So much money spent on movers, so much time spent picking out just where everything should go. Not only that, I LOVE clothes and shoes! I found I had clothes that I bought for a life I wasn’t even living…so, it was time to get real. After selling and donating most everything except the essentials we felt we would need, we felt quite lighter and liberated. It felt good to just give things to people as well.

Our house sold and we paid off as much debt as we could. There were other loose strings and a few financial complications & struggles that seemed overwhelming & we really wanted to just be free of. It was choosing our battles and pretty much letting go, even though we still wanted things to go exactly as we had hoped. Sometimes when you lose, you win…right? We just feel that life is too short to spend it doing things that bring us unhappiness or make us feel stagnant and confined.

We got an older Class A motorhome, it’s 40 ft and we sold our truck for a jeep which is perfect for towing. Plus, we have both always wanted one. Picking which model and make took 4 months of research I think. We made list upon list of all of the things that we would need & planned on doing a lot of Boon-docking (we had no idea what that even meant when we started researching.) It’s about going to places without power hook-ups etc. and basically free. There are tons of places to do this & a lot of them have breathtaking views out in nature.

We also love finding products that are very productive for this type of living. We want to keep our comfort, tech gadgets, gaming & entertainment things that we love basically. I guess we could be in the “Glamping” category, but we aren’t all that fancy. We love nature, but don’t want to be completely uncomfortable, ya know? We are going to try to find a nice balance.

So far, the biggest expense has been maintenance. We had our RV triple checked (seriously) lol. We got new tires (most important!) Engine serviced, the full deal. We ran into a lot of problems right away, which was totally stressful & made us doubt the whole idea. It delayed our departure date by months, but we figured everything happens for a reason and focused on getting more organized while we got everything repaired.

We’ve been at this for a few months now. It took a while to get used to our nav system & overcoming the fear of crashing into trees, low bridges, parking, etc. Driving a huge rig was scary for me, Justin has driven big trucks and can drive just about anything. He wasn’t scared or nervous at all, he’s the calm one in our relationship. I am more neurotic and I get unnecessarily worried A LOT, but am starting to calm down a bit. Luckily we have good harmony between us & love spending all of our time together.

We are adjusting quite quickly to plans falling through here and there & learning how to change direction on our expectations. The beauty we’ve experienced out in nature, seeing our dogs elated by the new smells, walking the streets of Savannah GA…trying new food, realizing how friendly & helpful most people are in the lifestyle far outweighs any mechanical issues we have dealt with. So far, our driveshaft broke and our generator radiator had to be repaired. It delayed our plans for about 3 weeks, but things have a way of working out. We got to stay in Chattanooga TN at this amazing campground & finished up a lot of things inside we’d hope to get finished at some point. It also gave us time to have free wifi and get a lot of work done.

Plus, we could have a few items mailed here from Amazon that we needed, like good compact ladder and a cordless hair dryer. 🙂 Today is the last day we are here & we are finishing up importing our next route out to the west coast in RV Trip Wizard & Garmin GPS Basecamp. I found that I love to get things super clean and tidy for driving. I don’t like a lot of clutter while on the road & have learned how to arrange & secure things so that usually nothing goes flying around while driving. The tag axle helps so much with this as well.

We do have a tinge of envy for the class c rigs we see. They are so much easier to maneuver and can get into a lot of places a lot easier. Plus the new ones have more slides for a lot more room inside while parked. Ours has two slides, one very large & one for our bedroom. We couldn’t afford a brand new rig. We named our RV Gemma because she was under cover her entire life & the inspector said he’s never seen anything like it. “She’s a Gem.” his exact words.

Hope you have enjoyed reading our very long bio here, didn’t plan on it being this in depth, lol. We aren’t the preachy type, just a down to earth couple trying something new & felt sharing our experience may be entertaining or interesting to someone out there.

Take care & thanks again for visiting our website & blog.

Beth n Justin


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