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I feel like sharing our experience of being stuck in an rv repair yard for four months. Thankfully we did escape and are now in Palm Springs CA having a great time!! Lol

Honestly, it felt like some sort of test or maybe just like we had been condemned for something we weren’t aware of. I mean we took all of the precautions to avoid repairs right? We got an inspection, we got a 2nd inspection, we paid for preventative maintenance yada yada yada. This blog post is just our experience with this & our personal interpretations, take from it what you will. Just know that we are basically intelligent, honest, good people who research things to death.

Ok, first of all. We started this RV life in Florida, we had been living there for like 10 years or more. That was our first mistake. Life tip #1 (don’t live in Florida). I’m not sure why Florida is riddled with ridiculousness, possibly the negative energy lay (ley) lines idk. I’m not here to convince anyone of the reasons that Florida is full of scammers, lost souls, & emptiness. We just feel a whole lot better not living there full time anymore.

There is a lack of work ethics on every possible level. It’s like living in Alice and Wonderland or trying to escape quick sand. The more you try to apply logic or escape, the worse things get. Anyways, we hired multiple RV repair or service companies & the reigning theme was “oh yea, we are experts…we can fix this or install that no problem.” The reality we found repeatedly was that they just lie, they promise to check this or that l, even go through check lists & we found they didn’t do the majority of the work at all. Complete scam artists over and over again.

It sucks to research & pay a business to do work & to find out a lot of times they just let your RV sit there & send you a bill. Never assume good business practices while in Florida, it’s a wonderful place to visit just don’t move there. Wish we would’ve known that.

So, due to shitty RV techs n companies we broke our drive shaft. We paid the first to lube n check it…then because I’m an anal freak, I requested the next company to make sure it was done. Neither company completed it, but they sure charged us & checked it off of our preventative maintenance list. When it broke we called AAA RV life tip #2 (go with Good Sam RV towing). AAA just screwed it up, & sent out two crappy tow companies, the first just left after realizing they didn’t have the right equipment. The 2nd hooked up to the wrong place, causing our lovely Motorhome to come crashing down about two feet jolting our generator & breaking brackets etc.

We found our own professional tow company/wrecker service to come get us & we went to a good repair shop to get it fixed. I hate telling this story, mostly because it shouldn’t have happened. It’s like Florida has it’s awful tentacles out and is chasing us. Lol

We ended up getting the insured repairs done in Arizona by a highly rated company. Yes, they do good work, trouble is there weren’t enough of them to go around. It seemed there were a handful of excellent mechanics and electrical guys, but they were way too busy. We spent four months there & got to know a lot about the RV repair business. The main theme is that all RV’s are gonna need work, it’s always gonna be something.

Brand new or used, RV’s aren’t anywhere close to being built perfectly. Fifth wheels seemed to have issues with walls pulling back from their structure, lots of axle problems, we heard how cheaply they are built & watched them just roll in over and over. We saw this brand new Tiffin Motorhome that kept having to come back for some major issues. The lady is still there! She’s been there for like over 6 months! The new RV’s come with warranties because you’re gonna need them.

They don’t seem to quality test them thoroughly off the assembly line, like to make sure every system is working in harmony. So, the first owner becomes the quality tester, which sucks because repairs suck the life out of you. Our issue was having to wait because they kept bringing through rush jobs & they put us on low priority. They probably figured since we live full time & since they let us use their power & water fill ups we were ok just waiting.

We heard that this rich lady or that rich dude needs it fixed ASAP, that it was made top priority. Even then, the mechanics were not given enough time to finish everything that those “Rich” customers asked for. We are pretty easy going, but finally couldn’t take it anymore & we started venting our frustrations. Squeaky wheel I guess. Nothing more irritating than having to be a squeaky wheel to us, especially when we are paying customers.

We did make a good friend there, an RV chassis mechanic that we will keep in touch with, which is awesome. They weren’t rude or bad people, it’s just a business trying to stay afloat & unfortunately you gotta show frustration and urgency to get to the front of the line. It’s not one person, it seems that there were too many RV’s & a lack of hands to go around. I hope they sort it out…

So, all that aside what emotions did we experience? Frustration, anger, sadness, depression, hopelessness…We decided to take the down time & learn what direction or path would be in alignment with who we are. This led us to the idea of an off-grid lifestyle. We are really craving a more genuine connection with nature. I didn’t film a whole lot while there in the yard. It is quite hard to get creative in that situation lol.

So, yea. We are moving in a different direction towards off grid life, still tiny home living. We are gonna find a few acres of our own & grow a garden maybe. Probably somewhere in the PNW…gonna drive n travel til it feels right.

So, being stuck impacted us in a huge way. The one most important thing in a mobile life is that your vehicle can drive you down the road…being reliant on a machine is weird. Like it’s fun and scary at the same time. We aren’t done traveling, who knows we may change our minds about going off-grid and keep moving. Never know until ya know.

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