Hello there! Our 1st Blog Post about RV living.

Hello there,

I am still setting up our website. We will be posting a lot about our full time rv life in our gigantic motorhome. We really went for the gusto with this one! We bought a 2002 40 ft. tag axle Monaco Executive. We have 4 dogs and 1 cat, so we didn't want a lot of shaking in our rv as we are driving. The tag axle really helps with that. Also, after researching we found that a lot of people really wish they had one because otherwise it feels like an earthquake going down the road and gusts of wind from big trucks can really cause you to swerve around.

Anyways, we started traveling and living in our RV 2 months ago. (July 2019) So far we've stayed at like 4 different places. Our pace so far is really too much for us, so we are going to slow it down. We are thinking of staying in one place for a month or more vs. setting up camp & leaving within 7 days. It's kinda stressful for us to keep up that pace.

So far the biggest downfall for us has been repairs. We had our RV inspected not once, but twice! Still, we keep having issues. The latest one was our driveshaft broke. Now our generator radiator needs to be repaired. We JUST took it to Cummins to have it serviced, so it pretty much sucks that we are having an issue with it.

If these type of repairs keep up, we are going to have to stay put in one area for a while to just save up and make sure everything is tip top. I'll go into all that we did to upgrade, service, and maintain already in another post. Gotta go walk the dogs. Hope you have a great day!


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