In repair lot for a month…

Well, we got to the repair lot on the 6th of November. Still here…ugh. RV repairs are a necessity & it was difficult to get used to. Sometimes I wish we had bought a brand new Motorhome. Still, there are repairs with brand new ones & defects with those as well. It’s easy to get into that sort of envy statement to myself, “Just pay more up front & you won’t have any issues”. I don’t think it’s a realistic thought because the more expensive of a rig you get the more money it’ll ultimately cost to repair even minor issues. Plus, a half a million or more for a brand new coach isn’t realistic to begin with.

But yes, these thoughts run through my mind…it’s easy to get stuck in that comparison game of who has the best this or that, ya know? I always resort to the saying, “careful what you wish for”’ & “Everthing happens for a reason & the universe is precise”. It’s just a perspective thing & it works for me. I’ll think, there’s a reason I’m here in this spot even if I wish I was somewhere else. A lot of times I will just take some pictures or video footage & it’s like it was meant to be. Like the universe is giving me little hints & clues…I just gotta remember that.

The dogs remind me to live in the moment by example. As long as I’m around them, they’re content. They don’t yearn to be at some other campsite. Lol. They don’t resent anything & just live for right now. I love them!!

I had to get a new external hard drive this week because my WD 8 tb drive is way to finicky & fragile. I barely bump it & it acts strange & wouldn’t load data. I got a G-drive 10 tb, it’s heavy duty low profile & I’ve had great luck with them. I think I got that WD drive from Walmart ugh. Yea, you get 8 tb, but who cares if it’s too fragile & you lose data regardless right?

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