Off grid living plans

So, right now we are very interested in reducing our carbon footprint by living off grid. It’s fun to look at ways to be able to stay off grid longer. First thing we are going to install is a compost or incinerating toilet. We will then have room for a second fresh water tank where the black tank was. Next will be solar. We already have 6 lithium ion batteries & it’s ready for solar input to the coach & inverter.

We buy good long lasting products already & only buy used clothing etc. we learned to do this after attempting to sell household items, clothing, & furniture. Theres really no way to re-sell that stuff, even jewelry isn’t worth much. It’s crazy the mark-up on things. So, yea after that we just started getting quality things second hand or purchasing something that will last a really long time.

Our RV is one of those things. The older RV’s were just made better & a diesel engine will also last a very long time with proper care. So, we have a 20 year old coach & so far it’s been very comfortable. There have been some mechanical maintenance stuff we had to fix, but it’s taught us a lot about things we really need to keep an eye on. It also teaches us what we can do ourselves & what we have to hire someone else to do.

At first I figured our RV life style would be viewed as bad for the environment because of fuel emissions etc., but actually our travel in our rv is far less impactful on the environment than even short airplane travels. There are options like bio diesel and a conversion kit to use vegetable oil for our engine. Our coach was built after 1994, so we don’t have to put in all new hoses. If it’s earlier than 1994 looks like you need to put in new engine hoses to deal with the change in fuel.

So far the most irritating thing is the toilet & black water by far. Composting toilets have way less odor, the incinerating toilet is our ideal choice. It’s just irritating to worry about a full tank & having to secure everything & drive to empty it. Ugh…plus sometimes even with full hook-ups it just stinks. I put powdered laundry detergent & those blue chemical treatments in if this happens. That cures it, but if there’s a better option we are gonna go for it.

It is fun to plan for a more off grid type of life. Just learning new ways of a more tiny home living situation, practical and effective ways to simplify our lives is rewarding. I also hope to impress my daughter who is graduating from college, lol. She’s quite intelligent & capable & she’s always had an interest in tiny home living. This past year she did a project on what is wrong with the fashion industry as far as impacting our environment. She is a graphic designer now & I am beyond proud of her.

Being away from her has been hard, the empty nest syndrome is quite real & quite awful. Keeping in touch with skype, texts, & phone calls without smothering really helps. Still, it’s a huge adjustment especially because she’s my only daughter.

It’s been a down time as far as travel goes. We have been in an rv repair lot since nov 6th, that’s nine days. That tow truck that dropped our rv really did some damage. Our generator is off kilter, hydraulic pump needs to be replaced…a bar needs to adjusted and welded & getting the cosmetic fixes done.

They are super nice here, we have 50 amp power. Still, its been kinda crazy trying to monitor the black tanks n fresh water tank etc. Plus, they close the big gate at night after 5. I hope we can leave soon, otherwise may need to go to a hotel or airbnb.

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