RV kitchen sink drain hose fix on our 2001 Monaco Executive- DIY!!!

Our white drain hose had a leak in it. It’s a common issue we found with older model Monaco Executive motorhomes. So, we just stopped using the sink until we could fix it. It’s a really tight area & didn’t seem like an easy fix, so we called four different RV repair companies. We were traveling a lot & most of them kept asking how long we were gonna be in the area. So, about a month later we found an RV flush company to come out. He quoted us 1200.00.

It’s a tiny cabinet opening which makes this difficult to fix.

He said it would take 6-8 hrs & he’d have to take apart the entire cabinet. So, we decided to fix it ourselves. The 4 foot hose cost us 5$ from Lowe’s, it’s a 1 1/2 inch flexible pvc spa hose, some Crissy brand hot blue glue (the purple primer & the blue glue), and two hose clamps.

It took less than an hour & is working fine. Takes a little patience, but well worth doing ourselves. Thought we’d share because we have met a few other older model Monaco owners that had the same issue.

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