Staying put for 3 weeks…

Well, we decided to slow down and stay in one place for three weeks after driving from north Georgia. We are staying in Arkansas right now. It is absolutely beautiful!! We stopped in Tennessee near Memphis at a Thousand Trails campground for a few days to check out Graceland. We aren’t big fans or anything, just thought it might be interesting. (It sucked!!).
As you can see below, I am not smiling, lol. I’ll be posting a yelp review & will link to it.

We stayed at the campsite for a few days & while we were there we took some pictures & videos. We attempted to do a vlog video, but for some reason can’t get it done. We sorta get lost & end up on some tangent, that and the camera kept falling down. Lol (maybe that was a sign to just do it later).

I think we drove for 4-5 hrs, then we stopped to rest at an RV park by the river in Little Rock Arkansas. There was full hook-ups, it was kinda depressing because it was crowded and not out in nature. It’s by the river which was pretty cool, it was just ok. We slept well & drove a few more hours to arrive where we are now.
Here’s a pic of that campsite:

My emotions have been all over the place. I love traveling & at the same time I get worried about the. “What If’s”. Like what if this goes wrong or what if that happens type stuff, basically I go back n forth between complete excitement & bliss to all out worry & anxiousness.

I prefer to be more relaxed, so i’m trying to just let it flow. If I let my mind fester on “what if’s”, because that’ll just drive me bananas.

Instead I focus on the things that I enjoy doing or learning about. Recently, Justin bought me a drone for shooting videos out in nature. It’s the coolest thing ever!! I’ve been learning how to fly it, & am surprised to find out that it’s not that hard, it just takes practice. I’m not used to it yet, but will become a pro in no time. He’s a gamer so the controller is way easier for him to use. He was flying a lot smoother than me from our very first flight.

I’ve been learning more about how to take action shots with my Canon 7DS DSLR & more about shooting better videos. Everything from f-stops, shutter speeds, to stability. Stability and not panning around too quickly is the most important thing I’ve learned so far. I wasn’t planning on making professional looking videos when we first started out. So, I was basically just using my phone or go pro to document what we are doing without really taking into account the end product. I got a Karma grip for my go pro for I think around 300$. It is pretty cool & I have some footage to edit. It’s not perfect yet, I still haven’t got it down 100%.

I’m learning a lot, but am super hard on myself to know everything instantly. I think the biggest lesson that I will learn is that I cannot control anything and to go easy on myself. Learning new things takes patience and beating myself up doesn’t help my learning curve. If anything, it stunts me & makes me resent what I am trying to do overall. Control is an illusion & no matter how much I plan or worry, life will always be throwing me curve balls. Some days I am anxious & I’ll walk outside & see the nature around me & I almost instantly feel lighter.  Learning to go with the flow is the best part about this new RV lifestyle!

I love living in our RV & I call it our tiny home on wheels. I mean I LOVE IT!!! It’s so cozy & cool. Our dogs have never been happier, even our cat prefers living in this smaller space. I look at the hard work & thought we put into all of the renovations & am so very proud. Looking at what is right in my face vs. some unrealized perception down the road is ridiculous. Just looking at the cute knobs I picked out or the way the custom paint on the cabinets is holding up really gives me a good feeling overall.

We bought two anti gravity lounge chairs for outside. Omg!! They are sooo comfy & they were only like 60$, which is way less than the ones we saw at Camping World. We have been trying to save money, so this purchase was exciting. We try to only by functional and practical things that we will actually use.  Not being able to carry much with us really cuts down on spending money on stuff we want vs. stuff we need.

OH! We also got a SuperYard for our dogs. It’s nice to take them off of their leashes or doggy runs & just put them in a little pen near us. They whine a bit, so i’m not sure if they’ll get used to it or not. They want to just be on top of us 24/7, so we’ll see how that progresses. Hoping that they start to relax and enjoy being outside vs. feeling like they are separated from us.

Baby (my fawn pug) allowed me the honor of photographing her the other day. I brought a little blue basket & hid a small piece of a treat it it. Then I just let her find it & i’d run off about 20 feet or less to get a shot. I knew she’d look for me right after the treat was devoured. So I thought I’d at least get one good shot of her head poking out. I didn’t have my shutter speed set correctly, so when she was running toward me her feet were blurry. She was so good, little sweetie. I hope to get some great action shots of her down the road.

The sunsets here are so incredible! They just keep getting more & more beautiful every place we go. Maybe it’s our state if mind that makes them seem so much more vivid and intense, pretty sure that’s what it is. We used to live in Florida, so the sunsets were also very beautiful. I just don’t remember having this type of reaction to a sunset. 🙂

Being on the road has brought us even closer, I wouldn’t trade this way of life for anything. It’s not always easy, but the good times are not good—-They are friggen amazing!!!. We are adjusting to life in our RV & traveling full time pretty quickly. We both learn very quickly, so that helps. It’s been 3 months now & we’ve been to: Florida, Georgia, Tennessee, Alabama, Arkansas, North Carolina, & Mississippi. (I can’t believe we’ve been to that many places already!! I was just focused on getting out of Florida! lol).

We are headed west in a week & plan on visiting the west coast for the winter. We’ve been chasing the good weather, trying to get away from the Florida heat & having to run our AC all of the time. Right now it’s about 48 in the mornings and gets in the low to mid 80’s at the high of the day & then drops back down into the 70’s to 60’s. That is quite manageable and it’s so nice to have fresh air coming in the windows. We are on full hook-ups, so we don’t have to run our generator for anything. I love that luxury.

OH! I almost forgot to mention that WIFI is a gift from the universe and makes me very very happy! Going without good internet for a while has really made us appreciate when we do have it. We aren’t the type to want to go into a Starbucks or something to get good wifi. We do have a great set up, but don’t want to burn through all of our Gigabytes too quickly. Praise the RV campgrounds that provide excellent free wifi!! I love them!!!

Above is our dog Maddie (14 yr old female Havanese). She loves it out here!! Again, our dogs were indoors pretty much 24/7 when we lived in a house. I mean they’d go out to go to the bathroom, but wanted to be with us all of the time. Now, they go on walks with us & get to experience so much more. They are less whiney and sleep a lot better now. They’ve also lost a few pounds.

The people in the 5th wheel next to us left an entiat rock on our picnic table when they left. I was so elated by this!

I am going to re-hide it for sure. 🙂 it’s a small gesture that just made my heart smile. I tagged & posted it on Instagram & found out it was actually them. I was pretty sure it was but figured I’d never really know. It was cool to tag a photo & get a message like that right away. 🙂 It’s great to run across people with good energy.

Well, that’s enough for tonight. I don’t want to over do it & start feeling like this blog is too much effort. I really enjoy blogging so far & have only done a few posts. Hoping we get to vlogging soon as well.

Take care & hope that if you’re an RVer as well that you remember that life is not an exact science & to go easy on yourself.


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