Using Portable Dump Tank

We couldn’t move our RV while we were waiting for our rebuilt HWH air leveling system control box. So, Justin grabbed this portable dump tank to empty our tanks. I decided to film this, lol. This is a great example of being a dork & getting excited over this seemingly gross or dreaded task. Being stuck during repairs really forced me into a state of acceptance of all things big and small a little bit.

So yea, little things like just being able to use the sink or flush the toilet have become something I’m grateful for on a whole different level. I want to laugh at saying that, but it’s true. I appreciate the little things more than ever & I do think it’s because of moving into our RV full time. I’ve researched things I’m genuinely interested in so much more than I ever have. I’ve learned so much!

The portable dump tank can only hold one tank at a time. First we emptied the black tank & then the grey. Justin mentioned that we could feasibly look at the gauge when it’s at 1/2 and do both, but I sense trouble with that notion. Sounds like a possibility of spillage which is no bueno.

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