Zip Lining-Great way to learn to let go…(RV Life is all about new things)

ZIP LINING IN HELEN GEORGIA Great family time & good for empty nest syndrome (learning to let go)

This zip line video shows the full canopy tour with Nacoochee Adventures in Helen GA (during summer). It does include the safety instructions in full,  I left them in just to give you a realistic  idea of what to expect on the tour. It's really not as scary or intimidating as I had expected. The guides are funny & super cool. We were looking for something fun to do while in the Georgia mountains. In regards to full time RV living, one of the hardest things for me was the emotional process of letting go. There are constant challenges, unexpected changes in plans, situations we could've never full prepared for. I also learned that empty nest syndrome is a very real thing & the best thing to do is learn to let go & just live my life. So, this zip line experience was for fun and also a physical practice of "letting go" & learning to just try new things, even things I am afraid of. (very afraid of heights!!)  Once you step off of that ledge, you literally have no choice to stop it, so I get how that could be good for letting  Plus, the realization that you're flying over the trees was so beautiful that I couldn't help but be fully present. It was a great experience that I highly recommend, especially if you haven't done it out of your fear of heights or if you're having trouble letting go of something emotionally.

Here's a link to Nacoochee Adventures :

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